Welcome home party

Welcome Home Levi Party and Adoption Event today 1/25 from 11a-3p at the Manassas Pet Valu (10079 Market Circle Drive).

Hope all the volunteers who helped search for Levi stop by so he can thank you.

Levi has been found!

LEVI HAS BEEN FOUND! He was in one of the traps this morning! Thanks to the people who own the cleaners next to Pet Valu who told us he was under the bench at Pet Valu every single morning, and gave us the heads up we needed. And thanks to Bill and everyone at the Stafford SPCA for lending us their traps! And another thank you to all the volunteers who helped search for him!

UPDATE 1/22 at 11pm: Please DO NOT stake out the traps and/or locations he has been sighted in early tomorrow morning. The last thing we want is to spook him out of his radius he has kept. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who have driven the roads, walked the paths, posted missing signs, checked the traps and called in sightings. ESP fans and community support has been amazing and we are so grateful!

UPDATE 1/22 at 3am: traps are set with chicken, sardines, pepperoni and much more. Come home Levi

SIGHTING MAP: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1285352

Thank you for everyone searching for Levi, it’s so comforting knowing everyone is banding together to get him home. He is being spotted, although nobody has been able to catch him. PLEASE DO NOT CHASE HIM! The best approach is to get down on the ground and calmly speak to him, if he runs please trail him but do not chase.

Sunday 1/18 URGENT! URGENT! We just had Levi, an Aussie mix, get loose from a volunteer at our event. He was last seen off Hastings down Abbott drive If you see him, please let us know – call 571-308-6563 !!!